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  Center For Inquiry - New York City

The Center for Inquiry in New York City is the local branch of a nonprofit organization working to foster a secualr society based on science, reason, free inquiry and humanist values.
CFI-New York City sponsors leading thinkers for lectures and panel discussions on science, philosophy, and religion; supports local community and campus events and groups; and works with media and opinion makers to promote secularism and skepticism to a wider audience. 
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 Center For Inquiry - Long Island

The Center for Inquiry - Long Island is the local LI branch of CFI, a thinktank working to foster a secular society based on science, reason, free inquiry and humanist values.
CFI-LI sponsors public educational programs, supports local campus and community groups, and works with the media.

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 Dinner and Philosophy Now

Meet other local readers of Philosophy Now (a magazine for all those who have an interest in philosophy), or in general people intrigued by philosophy and its impact on our understanding of life, the universe and everything! The format is a dinner at a restaurant in the city, with a limited number of people to enjoy conversation and intellectual give and take. The idea is that good conversation requires small crowds, and is helped by good food and wine, just like in the original Symposium by Plato. No technical background in philosophy required, just a love of wisdom! Organized by Massimo Pigliucci

 Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island

The Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island is a non-theistic group. dedicated to the idea that the supreme aim of life is to create a world of respect, justice and love. We are a member congregation of the American Ethical Union; we meet Sundays and welcome all those interested in a humanist community grounded in ethics and working to build a better world. Our website:

Feminist Freethinkers of New York

A welcoming home to explore women's issues and the role of women in the secular and humanist community, as well as host to social activities that encourage a supportive and vibrant community. We will also find ways to support local and national initiatives tackling gender equality and women's rights.


Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York

The Corliss Lamont Chapter of the American Humanist Association

Ours is a long standing Humanist organization that started with Warren Allen Smith, a student of Corliss Lamont, at Columbia University. John Dewey was a treasured member. We claim a special connection since Corliss Lamont is the author of "The Philosophy of Humanism", "Illusion of Immortality" and "Freedom of Choice Affirmed".

 Our meetings invite philosophical discussion that lead inevitably to questions of ethical responsibility in matters of patriotism and politics. Corliss Lamont was a champion of Civil Liberties, and "The Peolple's Right to Know". We invite your participation. Email for more.



 New York City Brights

The Brights is a world-wide non-supernaturalist constituency that neither dictates a doctrine nor charges for membership. It is a broad, inclusive world-view that recognizes reason and mindfulness as an evolutionary progression. Brights are either independent thinkers or members of the many other secular, freethought, pro-science, atheist, agnostic and humanist organizations, providing a non-competitive umbrella to our community of reason. For a list of enthusiastic brights and to officially register as a Bright go to our website or contact Charles Alexander Zorn at zorn@


 New York City Skeptics 

New York City Skeptics promotes critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and science education in the New York City metropolitan area. Our activities include co-sponsoring the Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism (NECSS), hosting a bi-monthly Public Lecture Series, and sponsoring the New York City chapters of Drinking Skeptically and SkeptiCamp.

For more information please e-mail us at contact @ or visit


 New York Philosophy

New York Philosophy brings the idea of the salon to Manhattan. Each month, NY Phi members of all ages, backgrounds, and outlooks assemble "either to please or to educate" [Horace]. Sharing a predilection for a critical, reasoned approach, members engage in passionate discussions while enjoying food, drink, and socializing. Topics range from matters of the day to matters of all time. Our free monthly salons range from 80-200 in attendance at rotating venues in Manhattan.


New York Society for Ethical Culture

"Ethical" is a welcoming home for humanists. We've provided non-theistic services in a congregational setting since 1876. Join us in celebrating life's joys, supporting one another through life's crises, and working together to make the world a better place. We offer lectures, films, discussion groups, music, and much, much more. .


 Secular Coalition of New York

The Secular Coalition for New York expresses the viewpoint of secular New Yorkers by lobbying at all levels of government and by promoting a secular viewpoint in the courts. We work with humanist, secular, atheist and other groups within New York to promote the separation of church and state and to end religious privilege. We are a chapter of the Secular Coalition of America and we work with them and other national groups to assure our viewpoint is expressed at the national level. E-mail( 


Secular Humanist Society of New York 

Okay, you're an atheist/agnostic - now what? Secular humanism is a philosophy of life guided by reason and science, free from religious and secular dogmas, promoting human happiness, freedom and understanding on this earth, in this life. The Secular Humanist Society of New York (SHSNY) is a leader in the NYC area freethought community.

We publish PIQUE, a lively, literate newsletter, organize lectures by leading scholars, scientists and authors, and every month debate ideas at our Book Club and our Great Lectures evenings, break bread at Sunday Brunch, and enjoy burgers and beers at Movie Night.  Enjoy life with us -- join us.   


Reasonable New York is a consortium of local reason-based organizations and people working together to increase awareness of secular-minded movements throughout the Greater New York area. We aim to inform New Yorkers that there is a community of people who share a rational basis for their worldviews, who attend intellectual public lectures, enjoy philosophy discussions, and socialize. We invite you to visit our various member groups, to contact any of those in which you are interested, and check out our calendar to attend gatherings of any of our organizations, many of which are free. Some of these events are also posted on our shared meetup site


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