Thursday, Sep 25 6:00PM

Italian Cultural Institute- 686 Park Avenue

The United States is rather unique among Western countries in having a majority of its population rejecting the scientific theory of evolution in favor of one or another kind of creationism. Even some European countries, though, Italy included, have seen an unexpected resurgence of creationist thinking about human origins in recent years. Scientist and philosopher Massimo Pigliucci will examine why so many otherwise rational people deny basic scientific notions (not just evolution, but climate change, the lack of any connection between vaccines and autism, and many others), and what role is played by different strands of anti-intellectualism and by a general lack of appreciation for the nature of science. 


     SEPTEMBER 28 at 2:00PM

     BARUCH PERFORMING ARTS CENTER at 55 Lexington Avenue

    Join us for a live taping of the Rationally Speaking podcast with co-hosts Massimo Pigliucci , Julia Galef, and very special guest Steve Novella!






at 12 Noon, at

PETE’S TAVERN, 129 East 18 Street

(Irving Place)


Outstanding Guest Speaker:



A Couple of Godless Versions of the Good Life”



On October 21 at 7:00PM Center for Inquiry New York (CFI-NY) is kicking off their panel discussion series with “Playing Well with Others: Secular Living in a Religious World.” Moderator and comedienne Leighann Lord will join author Chris Stedman, musician Don Kennedy Albert and Universalist Unitarian minister Kathleen Green to discuss the day-to-day challenges and victories of living a secular life in a faith-based society.

New York Society For Ethical Culture- 2 West 64th Street

 August 20, 2011 at The New York Society for Ethical Culture 

The Secular Humanist Society of New York, The New York Society for Ethical Culture,and Reasonable New York Present a panel discussion among: 


 Michael DeDora           Anne Klaeysen               Massimo Pigliucci                    Roy Speckardt

Executive Director,        Leader, New York           Chair, Dept.  of Philosophy,          Executive Director

Center for Inquiry            Society for Ethical           Lehman College, CUNY              American Humanist 

                                      Culture                                                                           Association

Reasonable New York is a consortium of local reason-based organizations and people working together to increase awareness of secular-minded movements throughout the Greater New York area. We aim to inform New Yorkers that there is a community of people who share a rational basis for their worldviews, who attend intellectual public lectures, enjoy philosophy discussions, and socialize. We invite you to visit our various member groups, to contact any of those in which you are interested, and check out our calendar to attend gatherings of any of our organizations, many of which are free. Some of these events are also posted on our shared meetup site


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